Don Chile Mexican Grill is an authentic Mexican Restaurant. We use fresh ingredients, and cook your food fresh daily. Fresh soups and salads, appetizers, Breakfast, wraps, Burgers, Sandwiches, Seafoods, Fajitas. Try our Chile Verde, and Chile Relleno you won't be disappointed. We make our Aguas Frescas from scratch.

Opened in 2014, Don Chile In Bronx ,NY serves authentic Mexican cuisine inspired by the heritage of chef Alfredo and his Family. Born and raised in Mexico City, the duo moved to New York where they cut their teeth working in some of the city's finest restaurants -- advancing from dishwasher to executive chef positions. With over a decade of culinary experience under their belts, they struck out on their own to open Don Chile, which shares the culture and cuisine of their homeland. The menu is driven by the foods they grew up with, from street food staples like Huaraches (flatbreads stuffed with cactus, fresh cheeses and meats) to Tortas and Tacos. Don Chile makes almost everything in-house and sources the very best products, whether it's daily fresh bread or weekly shipments of mole straight from the Solis' madre in Mexico.

As huge 'foodies' we've always had a vision to provide the greatest cultural experience, in a single bite; regardless of what dish you try. Here, we strive to provide you with the exact ingredients used from the streets of Mexico.

Here, at our tables, we bring you our interpretation of the Mexican dish named Tlacoyo. If you're unfamiliar, it is a popular Don chile with a hand pressed masa base and black bean filling. The usual dish calls for shredded lettuce, but we integrated nopales (sliced cactuses) to provide you all with a more savory taste.